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K'an Bealer - Health Counselor and Personal Trainer (HCC, CPT)

K'an BealerIn 1996, Bealer enrolled in West Chester University's Kinesiology Department for a B.A. in Health and Physical Education. During this time she also became a certified group fitness instructor and began teaching an array of classes both at the University and at her neighborhood gym.

In 2001, Bealer graduated--still not quite sure where she was headed. Bealer had a teaching degree but somehow, it wasn't quite what she was looking for. In 2002, Bealer moved to New York and for 5 years she was a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness. In 2007, when the timing felt right, she started her own personal training business--KEEFITNESS. She has been building this successful business ever since.

“Being a personal trainer has been amazing, and since I have been self-employed, there has been more opportunity to do some long overdue work on myself. Sure, I was physically fit. That was all I had been focusing on. I wasn't happy or, for that matter, even really "healthy." I had been neglecting my nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs. Being "in shape" wasn't nearly enough.

This was a big revelation for me. This was the piece of the life puzzle I had been searching for. I started to look at my relationships: with food, my body, other people and with my inner self. It quickly became apparent how important it is to have balance. It is the answer to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

This first part of my life journey had been a wonderful eye-opener. It led me to the next stage of my life and to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Counselor.

My passion now is to work with others to help them achieve the same fulfillment I have begun to experience. I especially enjoy working with adult and adolescent women. My role now is to help them find balance--mind, body, and spirit. To help women improve their relationships with food, their bodies and their environment. To encourage self-acceptance. To be a role model. As women we must like ourselves. Better ourselves--inside and out. Today I want to work with the whole body, the whole women. I want to make a real difference.”

Check out Bealer’s Personal Training website at: Kee Fitness and Health Counseling at: Kee Wellness


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